Support at Home – Supported Living

Ansar Projects has a lot of experience of supporting people to live independently in their own home.

We can also help you with things like:

  • Finding a new home that meets your needs in a preferred location
  • Moving into your new home and helping you to set everything up.
  • Keeping you safe and healthy.
  • Supporting you to become more confident and increasing your independence so you can do more for yourself.
  • Supporting you to access continuing education
  • Supporting you to manage your anxieties and behavioural needs

We work closely with Forward Housing which is another Thera Subsidiary and other housing providers to support with finding the right property for people.

We will then work with people and their circle of support to make this into their home.

Ansar Projects will endeavour to support people to have their own choices about where they live and who they live with.

We work with Forward Housing and other housing partners to help people find the right place to live.

Our main focus is to ensure we are offering people the right support that enables them to live their best life.