What we do

Equal Futures builds an informal network of people around an individual with a learning disability. This network offers support and friendship to the person and their family. We call this network a Circle of Support.

The benefits of having Circle of Support

  • The person’s allies (family, friends, neighbours) can get together to coordinate efforts to help the person and their family with big decisions and projects.
  • A Circle can meet to listen, share ideas, help solve problems and have fun and spend time together.
  • A Circle can help a person and their family plan for the future.
  • A Circle can help create friendships, build relationships and be more involved in the local community.

How we build a Circle of Support

Equal Futures employs Community Connectors who facilitate the person’s Circle. We aim to match people with a Community Connector who has common interests and values and who lives in their local community. This helps build strong links and acceptance within their community, giving the person with a learning disability a sense of belonging.

If you would like to find out more about what Equal Futures does or if you would like to set up a Circle of Support for your loved one, please visit our website.

Creating a Circle of Support around your loved one is one of the most important steps in planning for their future. To help with this, we have published the Scottish version of a book called Safe and Secure.

Safe and Secure was written by people who have first-hand experience of caring for a relative with a learning disability. The book acts as a manual to help you as a parent or carer and your relative with a learning disability to plan for the future.

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