Equal Futures, Gig Buddies and Thera (Scotland) team up for Scottish Learning Disability Week

Posted 01/05/2024

Equal Futures, Gig Buddies and Thera (Scotland) are hosting an online event about digital inclusion for this year's Scottish Learning Disability Week.

We are delighted to share that Equal Futures, Gig Buddies and Thera (Scotland) are teaming up for this year’s Scottish Learning Disability Week!

This year’s Scottish Learning Disability Week, 6 to 12 May, is focusing on Digital Inclusion. The Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities wants this theme to get people thinking about the digital world and how it is used by people with a learning disability, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, Thera (Scotland) and Gig Buddies with Thera Trust are joining one of Equal Futures’ online events for a one off special to celebrate digital inclusion on Wednesday 8 May from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. They invite all of the people they support and members to join them.

Digital technology can be inaccessible to people with a learning disability, making this year’s theme very important. Jordan, Thera (Scotland)’s Service Quality Director, told us the importance of accessibility in the digital world:

Lack of digital literacy or access makes it near impossible to truly live an equal life. This impacts your ability to get a job, socialise, and access your community. These are all things Thera believes help someone lead a full life.

Are you supported by Equal Futures, Thera (Scotland) or a Gig Buddies member? Email one of the contacts below for more details and to receive an invite to the event!

Equal Futures – Get in touch with your Local Project Coordinators

Donna McCallum – donna.mccallum@equalfutures.org.uk

Stacey Burgess – Stacey.burgess@equalfutures.org.uk

Jane McCallister – jane.mccallister@equalfutures.org.uk

Thera (Scotland) – Contact Jordan Allan, your Service Quality Director,


Gig Buddies – Email gigbuddies@thera.co.uk