Support in Derbyshire

Thera East Midlands supports people with a learning disability all over Derbyshire, including Derby City, Belper and Swadlincote.

Who are Thera East Midlands?

Thera East Midlands are part of the Thera Group and operate in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Stoke on Trent. Thera East Midlands believe in Thera’s Vision, and work hard to put it into practice. We provide support for people with a Learning Disability in Derbyshire to help to people achieve their goals and live a good life.

Where Does Thera East Midlands cover in Derbyshire?

Thera East Midlands provide support for people with a learning disability across the East Midlands, including Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire.

Within Derbyshire, we support in areas including:

• Derby City
• Belper
• Swadlincote

How will Thera East Midlands Support me?

We can support you day or night with a variety of activities. We currently support people in Derbyshire to learn new skills, and to become more independent. We do this by helping you get involved in the local community and help you attend social events. We have also supported people to get jobs, and to go to college to learn new skills. These activities help you to get out into the world and achieve your goals.

Thera East Midlands have helped people to move into their own homes to live an independent life. We can help to show you the skills you need to thrive in your own space. Our team can also provide personal support and can help you to live safely and well in your own home.

How can I get support from Thera East Midlands in Derbyshire?

If you would like to arrange support from Thera East Midlands, you can contact us or speak to your care manager or NHS team about using us as your support provider.

Click here to Contact Thera East Midlands if you would like us to provide your support