What Your Support Means

Your support means we can empower people with a learning disability to be leaders in society; to start a career, make friendships and gain independence.

There are 1.5 million people in the UK with a learning disability. The most common type of social care support used by adults with a learning disability aged 18 to 64 was granted as a ‘council managed personal budget’. This means their council chooses of the type and duration of care a person receives.

We don’t hide the fact that the majority of Thera’s day to day support is local authority funded, but there are many areas beyond basic support that are not covered by this funding. This doesn’t make them any less valuable or essential, and Thera invests our own income where it can but our resources are finite. Your support means we can provide people with a learning disability the opportunity to have security and peace of mind in their family, to have the training and support they want to start a career, to make lasting friendships and enjoy hobbies with them, and to feel safe and happy in their own home.

Thera TrustSupporting Thera Trust means your funding will be distributed across the group to wherever needs it most. This could be to help people with a learning disability in need of urgent funding for something like assistive technology, or white goods. It also funds projects running like Gig Buddies, and Dolphin’s Den.Forward Housing

Throughout their history, Forward Housing have found and supported the signing of 156 new tenancies for people with a learning disability. These people now have a safe home they can call their own.

Last year, Unity Works supported 390 people into meaningful employment so they can earn their own income and start a career they’re passionate about.

Last year, Gig Buddies created another 10 pairs of Buddies.  Our total now stands at 40 pairs;  people with people with a learning disability are coupled with a buddy to independently enjoy shared interests and a lasting friendship!