iPlanit is a tool that helps us to improve the lives of people we support. It will help you to have control over your life and your support plans.

We use iPlanit alongside other person centred tools and approaches, we use these tools to help you take control. You will decide what information goes in and who gets to see what. Using iPlanit will help you to:

  • See your plan online, and share this with the people who support you.
  • Add videos, pictures and sound to your plan.
  • Choose who you want to see what’s in your plan.
  • Send messages online safely to the people who support you.
  • See how much progress you are making on your plan.
  • See who is helping you achieve things on your plan, and when they are doing it.

We want you to help you make your plans really happen. iPlanit helps us work with you by making sure that staff focus first and foremost on the things which are really important to you.

More information about Iplanit

If you would like to know more about iPlanit and how it is used within Thera you can ask your support team about it. If you are interested in how iPlanit works and what else it can do you can also look online at the company who makes iPlanit: https://aspirico.com/iplanit

Using Iplanit

If you are already supported by Thera and would like to use iPlanit please send us a message. Alternatively, if you have already got your username and password, you can log into the iPlanit portal.