Meet Our Staff

Virginia Fenton

Lead Director

I have worked in social care for more than twenty years – mostly working to support people with learning disabilities. I started my career as a support worker. I have worked in operational and quality assurance roles as well as in regulation. I completed my doctorate with the University of Sussex and carried out research into the experiences of young people with epilepsy. I am committed to ensuring people with lived experience have a voice concerning how support is delivered through the quality checker process.

Sarah Ross

Personal Assistant

I have been working at The Quality Company since 2006. My current role is PA to the Director. During my time at The Quality Company I have also carried out some work as a Quality Supporter and had the pleasure of meeting some of the amazing people supported at home, in the community and people who have support during the day.
I am always proud to be part of a company enabling people with a learning disability to have a voice about the support they receive.

Julie Karp

Quality Coordinator

I joined The Quality Company as a Quality Co-ordinator for the North and Scotland in August 2021. I have worked in the care sector for many years and, although my expertise and experience are predominantly in mental health, I have also enjoyed working with people with lived experience of learning disabilities and autism during my career.
It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be part of an organisation that supports people to design their own individual support with a means to having greater independence and control of their own lives.
I really enjoy working alongside my Quality Assessor colleagues and I am continually learning, guided by their knowledge and experience. There is a great atmosphere when we all meet-up for Coffee and Catch-up on Friday mornings.
Having someone to talk with who knows what good support should look like is reassuring and inspiring and can empower individuals by enhancing their confidence to embrace opportunities, attain greater independence and lead fulfilling, meaningful lives.
I am proud to be involved and dedicated to supporting people to realise their aspirations, hopes and dreams, have a voice about their support and be at the centre of all we do.

Leanda Keely

Quality Coordinator

Leanda has over 20 years experience supporting people with a learning disability along with lived experience of having a son with a learning disability. She began working with The Quality Company in 2017 as a Quality Coordinator for East and East Anglia, which involves mentoring a team of Assessors and Supporters to carry out peer Quality Checks for the people supported to live in their own homes. Leanda's expertise and passion is to ensure everybody has a voice that is heard and to ensure that the support is to their needs and wishes.

Jackie Parker

Quality Coordinator

I began working with The Quality Company in 2019, supporting Quality Assessors with a lived experience of learning disability to complete Quality Checks, which involves checking that people are living their lives as they want to.
My current role as Quality Coordinator involves mentoring and supporting a team of Supporters and Assessors to carry out Quality Checks with people that receive support to live at home, and those that have community based support.
I have over 20 years of experience of working within the Thera Group of companies and have supported people in their own homes to achieve their goals and dreams with a person centred approach, something that I feel is really important for everyone.
I really enjoy my role and feel it is a real privilege to work within The Quality Company team and to be able to meet lots of really inspiring people.

Lucilla Cridge

Quality Coordinator

I am new to The Quality Company but have worked closely with them in my previous job role and always thought that their Quality Checking is invaluable. I have had the pleasure of supporting people with a lived experience of a learning disability for over 37 years, from very young children through to adults of all ages and abilities. My career path started working in Hawkmoor Hospital in Devon (an Institution for adults with learning disabilities), I was then very honoured to be part of the process of closing the Institutions and moving people out into the community. The support for people has evolved over the years, ensuring that the person is at the core of the support being offered to them and being respectful of people for their uniqueness. People are now listened to and can plan their support that follows their own wishes and aspirations, The Quality Company are an aide to ensure this happens and I’m very excited to be part of this.

Diane Dixon

Executive Assistant

I started my working life in secretarial/PA roles before moving on to a career in banking and finance, where I held a number of varied positions at senior level for over 30 years before taking early retirement.
I support Michelle in her role as Executive Chair and am able to give to the Chair my independent commercial and business experience, along with my administrative skills. I was attracted to the role after reading about the vision and ethos of The Quality Company, which I am keen to embrace, and see this change of direction as a new challenge.
Outside of work, I enjoy travelling the world and spending quality time with my husband and family

Liz Callaghan

Project Manager

I have over 30 years’ experience supporting people with learning disabilities along with my lived experience.
I am relatively new to The Quality Company, starting in November 2021, but I have over 7 years’ experience Quality Checking people’s support and services and in Quality Improvements.
I have worked alongside people with a learning disability in my many roles over the years from quality checking to self-advocacy and training.
I believe all people have the right to be treated equally, and over the years I have campaigned for the rights of people with learning disabilities to live a full and ordinary life with good support. I am committed to people having a voice and having choice and control over their lives.
My passion has stemmed from my personal experience as a mother of a son with learning disabilities as well as, and growing up with, an elder sister with learning disabilities.