Meet the Board

Michelle Mansfield

Executive Chair

I’m very proud to be the first ever Executive Chair of The Quality Company.
I chair The Quality Company’s Board of Directors and work closely with the Lead Director of The Quality Company, to ensure we provide peer led Quality Checks across the Thera Group and other organisations.
As well as looking forward to working with people I already know, I’m particularly looking forward to meeting and working with new people, and helping to build on the success of The Quality Company.
Before I took up my current role, I was a Non-Executive Director on the Thera East Anglia Board, as well as working for the advocacy service Voiceability where I covered the Fenland area.
I am passionate about standing up for the rights of people with a disability and using my own lived experience to ensure people have a voice in all the things that affect their lives.

Jenny Garrigan

Non-Executive Director

Jenny's day job is an executive director for Thera Trust where she shares her Learning Disability Leadership role with Matthew Smith, who brings his lived experience of learning disability to the role alongside his work in advocacy. Jenny was born and brought up in Angus, Scotland and qualified as a nurse (RNLD) in Dundee the mid 1980s. Since then, she has worked in both health and social care. Throughout her career, Jenny has focussed on working with people to develop their opportunities and move on from institutional care.

Matthew Smith

Non-Executive Director

Matthew Smith shares the Group Director - Learning Disability Leadership role with Jenny. Matthew brings both his personal and professional experience to the director role in Thera, ensuring that the quality of support Thera provides is monitored and that people are fully involved in the planning and delivery of their support.

Francis Brown

Non-Executive Director

I’m proud to be joining The Quality Company Board and I look forward to making a contribution to such a valuable cause. I’m a family man, I’m very proud of my career. I have developed my skills and business acumen through work-based challenges, academia and personal experiences. Personally, I like to compete in Triathlons and running events. I am the Governing Chair for the local school of Governors and am a keen STEM ambassador.

Clare Murphy

Non-Executive Director

I am very excited to join The Quality Company Board in my first Non-Executive Director role. I look forward to working with my fellow Board members and learning more about the great work the Company does. I am currently HR Business Partner for a transport trade association, so hope to bring experience and skills in this field to the role on the Board.
I have always been passionate about ensuring people with a learning disability have a voice and are supported to achieve. My Uncle has a learning disability, we have grown up like siblings and I support him with various activities including his swimming with the Peterborough Special Olympic swimming team.