Meet the Board

Michelle Mansfield

Executive Chair

I’m very proud to be the first ever Executive Chair of The Quality Company.
I chair The Quality Company’s Board of Directors and work closely with Sara Danby, the Lead Director, to ensure we provide peer led Quality Checks across the Thera Group and other organisations.
As well as looking forward to working with people I already know, I’m particularly looking forward to meeting and working with new people, and helping to build on the success of The Quality Company.
Before I took up my current role, I was a Non-Executive Director on the Thera East Anglia Board, as well as working for the advocacy service Voiceability where I covered the Fenland area.
I am passionate about standing up for the rights of people with a disability and using my own lived experience to ensure people have a voice in all the things that affect their lives.

Jenny Garrigan

Jenny is Director of Quality and Involvement and Director of Strategy and Performance at Thera. She is dedicated to facilitating and enabling the leadership of Thera by people with a learning disability.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith shares the Director of Quality and Involvement role with Jenny. Matthew brings both his personal and professional experience to the director role in Thera, ensuring that the quality of support Thera provides is monitored and that people are fully involved in the planning and delivery of their support.