Employment and training

The My Way project is a supported employment project set up by Thera East Anglia.

Our aim is to promote employment as a genuine option for people with a learning disability and to help people explore the different opportunities available to them.

In 2019, the project received funding from Cambridgeshire County Council’s Innovate and Cultivate fund. This funding will enable My Way to support more people to access employment opportunities.

What is supported employment?

Supported employment enables people who have traditionally faced challenges to accessing the job market, for example due to a long-term health condition or disability, to gain employment.

Just 6%* of people with a learning disability are employed across the UK.

Information for people with a learning disability

The My Way project has job coaches who can help you explore the different employment opportunities available to you.

Our job coaches can help you in lots of different ways:

  • Writing a CV
  • Travel training
  • Support to access educational and training opportunities
  • Support to attend interviews
  • Support and coaching at work
  • Exploring career pathways

Your job coach will develop a plan to help you achieve your employment and training goals.

Information for potential employers

Are you interested in offering work placements to people with a learning disability? Please contact Terri Dumont, Supported Employment Manager

Email: Terri.Dumont@thera.co.uk

Phone: 07834 619345

Or click here to download our information leaflet.