Good News Stories

Thera East Anglia‘s supported employment programme aims to find enriching and meaningful employment opportunities across all sectors for people with a learning disability that have been recognised as ready to work.

Our three Job Coaches – Terri, Rick and Eloise, are extremely dedicated and passionate about helping individuals build on their social network and transferable skills to ensure they can be a valued member of any working team.

Here, we want to offer a spotlight feature for trail-blazing job seekers who have successfully landed work through the programme.

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For Amy, her passion to work in the hospitality industry has consistently ignited her drive to undertake as much work experience as possible. Read about her journey into employment.


For Sarah, her gentle and compassionate nature has helped to carve out a pathway for a role in the care industry. Find out about Sarah's journey to employment.


For Ashley, being able to undertake courses from his home has meant he has been able to learn new skills. Find out how our Tech It Out project has supported Ashley into developing new skills.