Information for Employers

Supported employment enables people who have traditionally faced challenges to accessing the job market, for example due to a long-term health condition or disability, to gain employment.

Just 5.1%* of people with a learning disability are employed across the UK according to BASE.

Through our employment services, we will work alongside you as an employer to enable you to explore supported employment within your organisation-

  • Matching people’s skills with a suitable employer
  • On-going peer support to the workforce for as long as it is required
  • Training
  • Support during the recruitment process
  • On-the-job support
  • Advice on reasonable adjustments We will tailor the support you need to make supported employment placements a success, both for you and your employee.

The benefits to the employer and employee –

  • Employees have an improved sense of self-worth and can contribute to their local community


  • A more inclusive, diverse workforce


  • Reduced pressure on support provisions, including health, by promoting unpaid circles of support


  • An increasingly inclusive business community