Accessible beach hut

109 Dolphins Bay is an accessible beach hut owned by Thera East in Dovercourt, Harwich.

Get together with your friends and family over tea and cake, play some games or just relax with the sound of the sea in the distance!

The hut is:

  • Open plan, with a ramp for wheelchairs
  • Close to changing facilities which include a hoist
  • Inclusive of facilities needed for a pleasant day at the beach
Cost of hire for the day:

General public £35
People supported or employed by Thera Group companies £25

The money raised from rentals will go to Thera East to help maintain the beach hut and provide social events for the people we support.

For booking enquiries please contact:

Julie Small, or call 07842 301327


Thera East, company number 06795987, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thera Trust, a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales under number 3593418 and a registered charity under number 1090163.