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According to the London King’s College LeDeR 2021 report , 49% of all deaths in people with a learning disability were deemed to be avoidable, with 8% of these deaths caused by cancer.

Ansar Projects , CoppaFeel! and Orchid partnered up to use their collective experience to plug an information gap that can help people to know their bodies and seek medical advice when they notice changes at an earlier stage.

As the UK’s first and only breast cancer charity for young people, CoppaFeel! is on a mission to ensure that all breast cancers are diagnosed as early as possible. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and yet a quarter of young people aren’t aware they could be affected. From delivering nearly 400 school talks to sending over one million free text reminders every year, the charity aims to educate, encourage and empower young people to get to know their bodies and check regularly.

Orchid is the UK’s leading charity working on behalf of anyone affected by or interested in male cancer – prostate, testicular and penile cancer. Established in 1996 by testicular cancer patient Colin Osborne MBE and the oncologist who saved his life, Professor Tim Oliver, Orchid exists to save men’s lives from male cancer through a range of support services, education and awareness campaigns and a pioneering research programme.

Ansar Projects supports people with a learning disability in Bury. Ansar Projects is particularly experienced in supporting young people who are coming out of education and beginning their journey into adulthood. They can promote this through Community Support teams or individualised short breaks when people are wanting to stay in the family home.

Christine Harvey, Lead Director of Ansar Projects, started conversations with CoppaFeel!, UK based breast cancer awareness charity, and Orchid, the male cancer awareness and support charity, following a search for accessible health resources for breast and testicular cancer.

“The idea behind them was to support and develop conversations that would help people feel comfortable getting to know their bodies. By supporting people with a learning disability to know their own bodies better, the resources will help early detection of any change.”

After initial discussions, the Know Your Body resources were beginning to form. The process of creation included numerous focus groups and close work between Ansar Projects, CoppaFeel! and Orchid, to ensure the information about checking and awareness was presented in an accurate, accessible and inclusive way.

“Our hope is that these tools will be used in a variety of settings and be an aid to anyone with a learning disability, their families or support staff in raising awareness of the importance of checking yourself regularly and to empower people in getting to know their bodies”

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