Strathmartine Heritage Project

The former Strathmartine Hospital was Scotland’s first and oldest institution for people with a learning disability. It was one of many institutions created in the nineteenth century for people with a learning disability. It was finally closed in 2003.

The memories of people who lived and worked at Strathmartine Hospital were recorded in a project led by Thera Trust and conducted in partnership with the University of Dundee and the Heritage Lottery Fund, with support from Advocating Together, the Living Memory Association, Dundee Local History Group and the Scottish Oral History Centre.  The project was funded through £69,200 from the Heritage Lottery Fund and £7,500 from Thera Trust.

In the project we interviewed former residents, their families, staff and people from the local community. We were able to build a vivid picture of life in a time when people with a learning disability were kept secluded from the rest of us.

We think that important lessons can be learned from past treatment of people with a learning disability.

We produced several important tools that you can look at and use

The interview recordings and other memorabilia have been deposited with the University of Dundee Archives.  These are available for the public to view. Artwork made by people who lived in the hospital was in recovered from the Strathmartine site has also been deposited in the Archive.

Please visit the project website Strathmartine Stories