About Safe and Secure

There are currently 70,000 adults with a learning disability living with their parents. As they grow older this arrangement may last for 50 years or more. In line with the rest of the population, very few parents have done any future planning or even written a will.


Older carers:

  • are amongst the most isolated in society.
  • receive diminishing levels of support from family members.
  • are likely to experience psychological and physical ill health.

Most people do not know where to start or who to turn to for help. This is where our guidebook Safe and Secure can help. Safe and Secure has previously been successful in Canada and Scotland. We recognised that there is little support available to older carers in England and developed an English version so that families in England could also benefit.

Safe and Secure is written by people like you who have lived through this experience. It acts as a manual to help you as a carer and your relative with a learning disability to plan for the future. It will also help you to create an enduring circle of support that will help put your plan into action.

A circle of support is a group of people that will form a bond with your relative and will help them to make decisions about their life. They can be family members, friends, neighbours, professionals and anyone else who has an interest in the person’s happiness and wellbeing.

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