Creating a lasting circle of support

A circle of support is a group (usually of 6 or more people) who are invited to come together to offer support and advice to someone with a learning disability.

If you need extra help in areas of your life this is one way of sharing concerns and making plans for the future.

Every circle is unique but what they have in common is that they consist of people who choose to be in your life. They are not paid to be there. You will meet with them regularly and develop strong relationships of care and personal friendship.

We believe that the strength of the relationships formed within a circle of support is the key to a better quality of life for you.

People we support have found that circles help put an end to loneliness and isolation. When we help you build a circle we aim for lifelong feeling of being at home and belonging to the community.

We are helping some people to build lasting circles of support. In this approach is the circle members would make a long-term commitment to you. This includes looking out for your well-being in years to come – even beyond the lifetime of those who care for you at present.

Equal Futures is an independent company in the Thera Group. Staff there have an outstanding record in building lifelong circles and other types of support network.