Company Membership

We run a Company Membership scheme. It is open to everyone we support. Company Members have an important role in the running of their local Thera company.

We have set up Company Membership so that we can get to know the people we support in a different way. We want people to have a say in how their Thera company is run.  We try to make company meetings as accessible as possible. We do this by using straight forward language and a range of communication styles.

When you become a company member your voice will be heard and taken seriously.

Preparing for company meetings

One of your support staff will help you prepare for company meetings and will go to the meetings with you. They will:

  • Take the time to help you understand what is going to be talked about at the meeting.
  • Be tuned in to how much you understand and what you find difficult.
  • Will find ways to make the content of the meeting clear to you.
  • Will try to create situations where you can learn new things through being involved.

They will not:

  • Try to tell you what you should do or must do.
  • Follow their own agenda or their own interests.
  • Be judgemental or intolerant or impatient.

Your family and your staff can also become Company Members if they want to.

If you would like more information about being a Company Member or would like to become one, please get in touch with your Service Quality Director or speak to a member of your staff team.