Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about working at Thera.
Q: When will I be paid?

A: You will be paid into your bank account on the 30th of each month. If the pay date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, it will be the last working day before that date.

Q: What hours will I be working?

A: Full time contracts are 39 hours per week. However, people are able to work on a part time basis. People working on a 24/7 rota will work days, nights, weekends and bank holidays.

Q: I can’t work on specific days/times. What are my options?

A: We offer relief contracts which means we will ask you whether you are able to work specific shifts. This is an ideal, flexible contract option for people who cannot commit to regular days or hours.

Q: Do I have to be able to drive?

A: This depends on the location where you will be supporting people. Where drivers are essential, this will be stated on the job advert.

Q: Do I get paid mileage for using my own car?

A: Yes, business mileage is paid at 35p per mile for the first 250 miles. After this mileage will be paid at 40p per mile.

Q: When does my holiday period run from?

A: Your holiday period will run from the anniversary of your start date.

Q: What checks will have to be made before I start work?

A: We require the following checks to be completed before you start work:

  1. DBS checks, which will be paid for by us.
  2. Occupational health questionnaire, which will tell us if we need to make any adjustments for you as a result of a disability or health condition.
  3. Current or last employer reference.
Q: What support will I receive when I start my job?

A: On the job support to complete your Care Certificate and induction training.

Q: How Does Thera’s “Refer a Friend” scheme work, and what will I receive?

A: Through our Refer a Friend scheme, you can receive £150 for referring a friend to work for Thera. After they pass their probation period, you will then receive a further £150

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