Join Thera South West as a Service Quality Director

Posted 31/01/2023

Do you have a lived experience of a learning disability? Do you want to make sure people with a learning disability are empowered? Apply now to become a Service Quality Director!

Thera South West are looking for a Service Quality Director with a lived experience of a learning disability. It is part of Thera’s Vision that people who have a learning disability should have opportunities to be leaders in society and lead Thera Companies.

As a Service Quality Director, you will work alongside Thera South West’s Managing Director and the Thera South West Board and will be supported by an Executive Assistant.

You will make sure that each person supported by Thera South West has a voice and a chance to say how they feel about the support they get from Thera South West. You will also help those who want to be members of the company through Company Membership.

What are we looking for in our Service Quality Director?

Someone who…

  • Has a passion for the role and Thera’s vision
  • Has teamwork and leadership skills
  • Has good listening skills
  • Speaks their mind in meetings
  • Has the confidence to challenge
  • Has a great sense of humour
  • Has great people and communication skills
  • Has the confidence to travel
  • Has good IT skills
  • Has pride in their learning disability
  • Ensures that every voice is heard

Are you interested?

Please contact us by emailing

Find out more about the opportunity in our flyer