Lockdown Job Success

Posted 10/11/2020

Learning Disability Work Week 2020 is a chance for us to showcase the achievements of our job seekers.

Working with BBC Studios

Posted 09/11/2020

Learning Disability Work Week 2020 is a chance to demonstrate how employers #ThinkDifferently to bring people with a learning disability into their workforce and to show the benefits of this. 

Become a Gig Buddy in West Lothian

Posted 05/11/2020

Gig Buddies West Lothian has been getting people with a learning disability out to local gigs, and beyond, for over three years. We have 35 members and a team of local volunteers.

Surprise delivery for Luke!

Posted 03/11/2020

During lockdown Luke, who is supported by Thera East, was due to attend a Daniel O'Donnell concert in Southend. The concert was cancelled because of COVID-19.