The Camden Society began as a campaigning organisation over 50 years ago. Today, they support people with a learning disability to live the lives they choose and continue to champion people’s rights and equality.

They now work across London and Oxfordshire, providing a wide range of support for people with a learning disability, including people with mental health needs and physical disabilities.

The Camden Society can offer you support across the following areas:

  • Supported Living
    Support in your own home and to access your community.
  • Short Breaks
    Innovative services to get a holiday designed around you at our hotels in London or Oxfordshire.
  • Community in Action
    Support to enjoy your free time; get involved at social clubs, days out, health and wellbeing activities, after school schemes, holidays, and more.
  • Community Support
    Support to plan and take part either in group based activities or with an individual support.
  • Unity Works
    Find skills, qualifications and jobs through community learning, training in our social enterprises and employment support.

For more information get in touch with us at:
020 7485 8177


Find out more about support for people with a learning disability in London and Oxfordshire.


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