Community connecting

Connecting you to people and places in the community will help improve your life. It will also help the community to be more welcoming and provide good access.

We think that community connecting is really important in our work. This is because people tell us that they can feel isolated and excluded, we will always help you to build relationships with local people and groups.

We will also work with you to try to help these local groups be more connected, meaning community life will be improved as well as your own.

We want to make sure that you are involved in your local community, making use of all the facilities and opportunities available.

Some of the ways we can support you to be part of your local community include:

  • Supporting you to use all available facilities such as shops, GP surgeries and leisure activities
  • Identifying education and employment opportunities for you
  • Supporting you to make new friends
  • Helping you to keep active contact with your family

We will make sure that your support team knows the local area well, and that they know how to help you to use a full range of facilities and opportunities. As well as supporting you they will also support your local community to build their resources in a way that supports everyone that lives there.