Become a volunteer

Being a Gig Buddy means working one on one with a person who has a learning disability. They will be known as your 'buddy'. You will be paired with this person based on any interests you share.

The main pleasure I get from volunteering with Gig Buddies is making a new friend who I would otherwise not have known due to a social barrier. I also really love getting to try new things that my buddy suggests.

Being a Gig Buddies Volunteer is all about getting out to events you love, with someone else who loves them! Our volunteers empower our members to live an active social life, and develop more relationships that aren’t based around formal support. As a Gig Buddies volunteer, you’ll be paired to one of our members who shares the same interests as you, going out, and enjoying your shared passion together!

Belting out the Grease soundtrack whenever we go somewhere in my car is priceless, and I always go home in a good mood after meeting with my Gig Buddy.

Here’s everything you need to apply to become a volunteer with Gig Buddies.

Take a look at our volunteering handbook below.


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