Quality checks

If you are supported by Thera, you can get a free quality check each year from the Quality Company.

How is my support checked with Thera?

The Care Quality Commission and other regulators from outside Thera check the quality of support you get. But we also check quality internally. If you are supported by Thera, the Quality Company will be able to assess the quality of your support. There are several different ways you can tell us about the support you are getting. You can speak to your Support Worker, or contact us directly.

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Who are the Quality Company?

The Quality Company is part of the Thera Group of Companies. It has an important role in bringing Thera’s Vision to life.

They employ people with a learning disability as Quality Assessors. The Assessors bring their experience of knowing what good support is to help them see if you are being supported well.

The Quality Company is a member of the Association of Quality Checkers.

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How can my Service Quality Director help?

As well as The Quality Company, your Service Quality Director checks you are receiving the best quality support. Your Service Quality Director will check that you are being given choices about your support. You can speak to your Service Quality Director if you have any concerns about your support.

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How can Being Heard help me have a say in my support?

Service Quality Directors also hold Being Heard meetings. Being Heard meetings give you an opportunity to explain how you feel, but you can also:

  • See that you have the right to be listened to
  • Learn about advocacy services
  • Your staff will learn how to support you to be listened to
  • You are supported to become a Company Member if you want to