Katie Winn

Group Executive Director - Development and Innovation

In her new role as Group Executive Director – Development and Innovation, in which she will be working closely with Matthew Smith, Group Director – Equal Leadership and Innovation, Katie is excited to continue developing innovative support solutions for people with a learning disability, ensuring people have choice and control over their own lives.
Katie Winn

Katie started her career at Thera as a school leaver, firstly as a volunteer, and has since worked across the organisation including HR, company operations, and development projects.

For the last 6 years Katie has held the post of Head of Development, an equal leadership role which combines the skills and knowledge of a business development professional with the lived experience of someone with a learning disability.

As Head of Development Katie, alongside her co-Head of Development colleague, was responsible for development across Thera Group, and included managing the tendering, communications, innovation, and new support projects teams.

She has also overseen Equal Futures, a specialist company within Thera Group, for the last year as interim Managing Director.

Katie is passionate about making sure people with a learning disability live good lives, believing we should all strive to get the very best outcomes for people by thinking outside the box and challenging the norm.